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MPD Global offers a wide variety of computer and Internet related services.

Web Hosting - MPD Global offers affordable and reliable hosting on one of our Santa Barbara servers. Cost is calculated on a sliding scale, depending on expected use and size of the operation. We do not charge for bandwidth or space.

Web Design - MPD Global offers creative and professional designs for your websites. Our experience ranges from basic HTML to Flash design.

Web Applications - MPD Global has experience in programming web-based database applications. We specialize in MySQL+PHP applications customized to your specific needs.

Office Networking Layout/Design - MPD Global also offers network setup and support for small to medium sized companies. We'll set you up in your specified method of execution, including any servers you require for your operations. We have experience with Unix, Linux, OS X, and Windows environments for use as File Servers, Web Servers, Database Servers, Print Servers, and Domain Controllers.

Hardware Consultant - MPD Global also offers, usually in conjunction with other services, hardware consultation. This includes building and maintaining custom machines to specifications.

Any interest or questions in our services can be initiated in the contact page. We hope to hear from you soon!