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10/25/2020 :: Still here, still chugging.
03/21/07 :: Setup "official" SSL Certificate.
11/14/06 :: Implimented "Greylisting" in an effort to cut down on spam.
10/3/06 :: MySQL Upgraded from 3.23.x to 4.1.x.
6/22/06 :: Physically moving secondary server "primero" to new location. Possible DNS slowdowns from 9am - 11am.
5/5/06 - 5/8/06 :: Planned Gateway downtime for secondary server "primero." Possible DNS slowdowns as a result. Future plans involve production DNS servers in alternate locations.
5/2/06 :: Moved Production Operations to LA Facility.
3/14/06 :: UPDATE! System Downtime delayed for further testing.
3/14/06 :: Planned System Downtime from 6:00pm - 10:00pm for framework modification.
1/4/05 - 1/6/05 :: Unexpected Network Outage due to vandalizm to switching station (someone set the thing on fire). Server moved to alternate location.
12/15/05 :: Planned system outage from ISP from 1:00am - 4:00am.
11/19/05 :: Setup a Wiki for centralized documentation, including a new FAQ section. 4/13/05 :: Windy conditions led to loss of power at server site from 7:25pm - 11:15pm. 2/1/05 :: Re-design of MPD Global Website credited to Jennifer Lung.
1/1/05 :: MPD Global has switched to an automated billing system. (New look!)